The Miracle of Prophet Isa, The Son of Maryam

Moslimdaily – Allah Almighty exaggerates His apostles from other human beings. Likewise with the prophet Isa, Allah gave him several miracles.

When the prophet Isa preached, some of the Children of Israel did not believe in his prophethood. They asked the prophet Isa to show his miracle. Later, the prophet Isa formed a land similar to birds. Suddenly, the land completely became a living bird.

Seeing this, they were amazed. Even if they were amazed by the event, but they only regarded it as pure magic. In their hearts there has not been a faith in God

At another time, the prophet Isa also encountered a man who was blind from birth. The prophet Isa rubbed the blind man’s eyes with his hands and while praying. With God’s permission, the blind man became healed and able to see.

The prophet Isa also healed people who had leprosy. Despite seeing prophetic signs, the Israelites still regarded it as merely witchcraft.

For the Children of Israel, the miracles of the prophet Isa were mere magic. Meanwhile, for the followers of the prophet Isa, the miracle further added to their faith.

The leaders of the House of Israel felt threatened by the existence of the prophet Isa. They did various ways to stem the influence of the prophet Isa’s teachings, including attempting to kill the prophet Isa.

Among the other miracles of the prophet Isa are the following:

1. Born Without a Father

The prophet Isa was born to a virgin woman named Maryam. The prophet Isa was born without any previous marriage so that his mother was a holy woman who had never committed adultery.

By the power of Allah, Maryam conceived the prophet Isa until she gave birth. Of course this was a question for various people at that time considering that Maryam was not married

2. The prophet Isa could speak as a baby, to explain that he was a prophet sent for the house of Israel.

3. The prophet Isa could know the original Torah of Moses, which was hidden and had undergone many changes made by the astute men of the Jews.

4. The prophet Isa brought back the dead.

5. The prophet Isa was given the ability to see things through his five senses even though he did not witness them in person.

6. The prophet Isa brought down food from the heavens because of Hawariyun’s request.

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