The Muslim community in Japan, Muslim Must Know

The number of Muslims in NIppon, as an Islamic minority country, continues to grow. According to data in 2016, there are about 120,000 Muslims from abroad and 10,000 Japanese Muslims living in the country, according to Waseda University.

Most Muslims in Nippon live in three metropolitan areas such as the Tokyo area, the Chukyo Metropolitan area and the Kinki region.

Since the early 1990s in Nippon there has been an increase in the number of mosques built across the Japanese archipelago, from Okinawa prefecture to Hokkaido prefecture. In addition to worship, this mosque can also be used for people who want to know the understanding of Islam.

Many Muslims in Japan have settled and had families. This shows the increase of Muslims for generations in the future. Muslims will be able to help bridge local communities with Muslim communities for the diversity of cultural backgrounds they have.

A Place for Muslims in Japan to Study Islam and Interact With Each Other Muslims

Joining and participating in the local Muslim community is one way for Muslims in Japan (nippon) to deepen their knowledge of Islam and have the opportunity to interact with fellow Muslims.

Today we will introduce some of the Muslim communities where Japanese Muslims, second generation Muslims born and raised in Japan, and the Muslim population in Japan are located!

Tokyo Camii Young Muslim Club

Muslim community in Japan
Muslim community in Japan

It is a club organized and run by Muslim youth in Japan based at Tokyo Camii Mosque, Tokyo. They include young Muslims born and raised in Japan and Japanese Muslims.

The club organizes learning groups regularly as a place for its members to learn more about religion and interact with each other’s Muslims.

Anyone including non-Muslims can also join the club.

Olive Japan

Muslim community in Japan
Muslim community in Japan

Olive Japan is a Muslim community with strong ties to the Tokyo Camii Young Muslim Club.

Olive Japan was originally named SYM (Space for Young Muslims) which was built in November 2016, then to encourage its members to show their character and talents while trying things widely, the club was reborn under the name “Olive” in August 2019.

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The community has a vision of “Spreading Peace” and organizing activities related to people, the economy, intellectual support with young Muslims residing in Japan, along with the production of video content, and quarterly magazine publishing.

Asagohan Club (Asagohan Club)

Asagohan Club is a community created as a forum for everyone to share their daily activities related to Islam and give each other Islamic lessons, followed by Muslims in nippon, Japanese converts, and everyone with an interest in Islam.

The club was formed in March 2021, hosting online meetings every morning in zoom to encourage its members to learn about Islam while interacting with others.

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