The Name of the Devil Warrior and His Duties

Imam Mujahid was a prominent exegesis mentioned by Shaykh Abdurrauf al-Manawi. He explained about the descendants and soldiers belonging to the devil who are neatly structured.

They have a job in their own field. Here are some of them:

1. Al-Sauth, Name of the Devil

The first name that is increasingly rife in the current era. It might even be the most successful demon descendant in his field. This devil’s grandson works in the news line.

Al-Sauth played a role in poisoning a news story with lies. The spread of hoaxes or issues that are not clear the truth. It was a big part of this Demon warrior.

2. Al-Shabru

The name of the next descendant of the devil, often dealing with all forms of trials that befall humans. Every time we accept the trials of life, Al-Shabru will provoke a sense of anxiety and impatience with the situation.

All excessive expressions when suffering from disasters such as easy to cry hysterically, depression, raging and other Jahiliyyah actions related to the influence of al-Shabru.

3. Al-Dasim, Name of the Devil

The next great demon descendant. Because of its ability to destroy the harmony of the household of married couples.

The effect will be more quickly spread if the husband wants to enter the house without first saying greetings to the family who are at home or not in a state of dhikr.

The Devil’s Palace In The Middle Of The Ocean

4. Al-A’war

Descendants of demons and troops who served in the field of immorality, named Al-A’awar. The grandson of Satan is the one who often invites humans to increase their appetite for free sex.

Al-A’war is able to provide high voltage in the genitals of men and women. To increase the passion to be incited to have forbidden relationships.

5. Al-Zalanbur

The name of the devil next Al-Zalanbur who is always ready to be on standby in the market. This devil’s descendants will make traders in the market vulnerable to fraud, as well as fraud in transactions.

The lure of fake business promises to consumers became the trickery of al-Zalanbur.

6. Al-Walhan

The descendant of the devil named Al-Walhan is tasked with interfering with human affairs while sanctified. Every human being is incited to hesitate and be confused when ablution, bathing or other thaharah (sanctified) activities. Even the devil al-Walhân influences humans to use water excessively or wastefully.

7. Al-Khanzab, Name of the Devil

The descendants of the devil and the next army are named Al-Khanzab, who specifically disturbs the worship of mankind. Descendants of The Prophet Adam will be made lazy to pray, violate the ethics of prayer, do things that can cancel prayers, not khusyu’ and many more (Shaykh Abdurrauf al-Manawi, Faidl al-Qadir, juz 2, p. 503).

In fact, there are many more names of demons and their duties that carry the great mission of human misdirection. According to a narration, every day the devil is able to give birth to a large number of children as he pleases.

Every demon warrior has misled people. Promised by satan will receive a high crown, as mentioned in the hadith narrated ibn Hibban, al-Hakim and al-Thabrani from his hadith Abi Musa al-Asy’ari in the form of hadith marfu’. (Shaykh Badruddin al-‘Aini, Umdah al-Qari Syarh Shahih al-Bukhari, juz 15, p. 168).

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