The Prophet forbade Muslims to eat & drink while standing

In Islamic teachings we are always taught good manners from the smallest to the largest including manners when eating and drinking. The Messenger has forbade us to eat and drink while standing.

In a hadith the Prophet PBUH once said:

“He forbids a person to drink while standing up.” Qotadah said: “What about eating?” He replied: “That’s even worse” [HR. Muslim and Tirmidzi]

In fact, the Prophet PBUH also encourages us to spit out drinks when we forget to drink standing up. In his hadith said:

“Don’t you drink while you stand up! But if you forget, he should throw up.” [HR. Muslim]

So what is the reason why he forbids eating and drinking while standing? As we already know that if the Prophet forbids something, there is a reason. And this is the scientific answer why the Prophet forbade us to eat and drink while standing.

It turns out that eating and drinking while standing gives adverse effects while harming the intestinal wall. Dr. Abdurrazzaq Al-Kailani once revealed that eating and drinking while sitting is better and healthier than eating and drinking while standing.

This is because if we eat and drink while sitting, then the food or drink will come down and walk on the intestinal wall gently and slowly.

This is very different if we eat and drink standing, if we eat and drink while standing fluids and the food we eat will fall into the intestines quickly and if it lasts a very long time and becomes a habit it will be very harmful to the intestines.

Then Dr. Al-rawi also provides the description that food eaten with education can have an impact on the neural reflection carried out by the reaction of the kelana nerve (tenth brain nerve) which is widely spread in the endothelial layer that surrounds the intestines.

What Islam Teach About Food And Drink

This reflection, if it occurs violently and suddenly, can cause severe nerve dysfunction (Vagal Inhibition), to deliver a deadly rate for the heart, causing sudden fainting or death.

Similarly, eating and drinking standing continuously is fairly harmful to the intestinal wall and allows the occurrence of wounds in the stomach. Doctors revealed that 95% of stomach injuries occur in parts of places that are commonly bumped with incoming food or drink.

But what we must believe is that if the Prophet has forbidden us to do something (eating and drinking while standing for example), then of course it can certainly bring good to us. So that we no longer need to ask “why does the Messenger forbid, etc.” because he in every delivering something must be based on Allah’s guidance through the intercession of angels.

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