The Secret of Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi’s Damascus Sword

Muslims must be familiar with Zulfikar, the sword belonging to Ali ibn Abi Talib. In fact, besides Zulfikar, there is Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi’s favorite sword which is also an important legacy of Muslims. Even Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi’s sword is famous in the Western world as the superior and most powerful sword, namely the Damascus sword.

The Damascus sword became famous when it was used by Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi, a Muslim leader, with his troops in the face of the attacks of the soldiers of Richard the Lion Heart during the Third Crusade.

Because of the famous damascus sword, Peter Paufler and his colleagues from a German university were interested in conducting research. The results revealed that the Damascus sword was the most powerful compared to the katana (the sword of the Japanese samurai) and the excalibur (sword of King Arthur, the leader of England).

Even on the basis of the deeply researched science of metallurgy, it is concluded that the Damascus sword is the most powerful sword with amazing sharpness. So sharp, the silk handkerchief floating in the air can be lightly split by this sword.

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Not only that, hard and solid objects such as stones can be halved without making the sword dull afterwards. Not only is the sharpness unparalleled, this sword also has wonders in terms of flexibility. It is very light and very strong at once.

In the past, this sword had a character with a curved shape, getting pointeder and pointed at the end. The pattern is formed not the result of a particular technique, but it occurs naturally.

What makes the Damascus sword so superior?

one of the swords that became a legend in history was the damascus sword belonging to salahudin al ayyubi. this sword is really great
one of the swords that became a legend in history was the damascus sword belonging to salahudin al ayyubi. this sword is really great

The main material in making this sword is wootz steel. However, due to fighting between Muslim fighters and Christian soldiers, people began to refer to the steel as Damascus steel, named after the Syrian capital.

In fact, this steel is a supply from India. The original Damascus sword had a flowing water pattern.

According to German scientists, wootz steel at that time had Carbon Nano Tubes (CNTs). With these CNT particles, the Damascus steel sword has become stronger by dozens of times that of ordinary steel.

However, the main secret of this sword lies in its manufacturing technique. This level of precision in sword forging is thought to have successfully produced CNTs in the microstructure of steel.

However, unfortunately this authentic technique of forging swords has gradually disappeared since the 18th century. This is due to the ebb and flow of wootz steel supply from India. And at least become a reference source about the way or process of making this super sharp sword.

Swordsmen in the modern era are now even competing to try to duplicate the Damascus sword. However, the swords they produced were never the same as the original Damascus swords of Salahudin Al-Ayyubi or his soldiers.

The raw materials used were no longer the same as the Damascus steel of the time and the original technique was much different from the craftsmen of that time.

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