The Secrets of Fasting According to Al Ghazali

Al Ghazali in his book entitled Ihya Ulum al-Din (Awakening of Religious Sciences) discusses the secrets in fasting. The following are the secrets referred to by him.

That there are three levels of fasting:

1. Fasting muslims in general.

This is to refrain from eating, drinking, and from sexual arousal. This is the lowest type of fasting.

2. Fasting of some selected Muslims.

In this type of fasting, in addition to the above, one must refrain from the sins committed by hands, feet, visions, and other limbs.

3. Fasting is the highest level.

These people keep the fast on the mind. They think nothing but Allah and the Hereafter.

They only think of the world with the purpose of the hereafter because it is the land of seeds for the future. A wise man said: A written sin is made and prepared only to break one’s fasting efforts during the day.

These are the Prophets and those who are near to Allah. This kind of fasting can be done after a person sacrifices himself and his mind completely to God.

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The fasting of the chosen shalih rests on six tasks in order to achieve perfection :

1. To withhold the eyes from what is bad and from things that distract from memory to God.

The Prophet said: The sight of the eye is the poisonous arrow of the devil’s arrow. If a person gives up, God gives him such confidence as his mind feels.

2. prevent the tongue from bad words

from useless speech, lying, vilifying people, slandering, speaking harshly, obscenity, hypocrisy and hostility, to practicing silence and to keeping the tongue busy by dhikr and reading the Qur’an.

3. To hold the ear from hearing bad talk

for what is haraam to say is also haraam to hear. For this reason, God puts the unlawful eaters and listeners of haraam words on the same level.

The Prophet also said: The one who vilified and the one who listened to it sined the same.

4. To save hands, feet, and other organs from sin, from evil deeds and to save the stomach from doubtful things during iftar.

There is no meaning if fasting from halal food but breaking the fast with haraam food. He’s like the one who destroyed one city to build a building.

5. To eat so much during iftar until the stomach is full, even though it is halal food.

The stomach filled with halal food is too much more hated than anything else.

The purpose of fasting is to keep the stomach empty in order to control lust and increase fear of God.

6. To keep the mind of the fasting person is between fear and hope

because he does not know whether his fast will be accepted or not, whether he will be near God or not. This should be the case for any worship.


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