This Is The True Color of Hajar Aswad

The True Color of The Black Stone | A phenomenal stone and become iconic muslims especially during the hajj, and it feels incomplete if passed by. Tens and even thousands of people are willing to huddle to be able to take a moment to be able to touch directly and even smell it into sunnah.

Hajar Aswad

Hajar Aswad is a located in the southeast corner of the Kaaba, which is the corner where tawaf begins. The Black Stone (Hajar Aswad) itself is a type of ruby that Allah SWT sent down from heaven through the angel Gabriel.

Hajar Aswad itself consists of eight pieces collected and tied with a silver circle.

The black stone has been very slippery because it has continued to be wiped out by millions of people since the Prophet Adam AS until now, who came to the temple for hajj or umrah.

The naming of Hajar Aswad, derived from the word, Hajar mean (Stone) and Al-Aswad mean (Black) or also often called black stone. Is it because of the color of the stone that is “black”?

However, you used to know that Hajar Aswad is light-colored and emits light. So why is it now Black?

In a narration by Tirmidhi it is said that muhammad said that the Hajar Aswad was white and much whiter than milk.

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What makes it black?

In the narration it is also said that, hajar aswad became black because it absorbs the sin of the sin of the human being who kissed him.

Think about how many people come into contact with the aswad. Even in the shari’a prophet Muhammad SAW, disunnah kiss hajar aswad .

It is only natural that in the end Hajar Aswad changes its color due to human sin such as

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