These 5 things are known only by God

Man’s knowledge of the knowledge that God spreads on earth is very limited. It is impossible for man to know all things in the world, including five things that no one but God would know.


Although astronomers and experts can predict when rain will occur, but often these predictions can miss. In addition, astronomers know it is not a science of the unseen but a science based on vision.

Therefore, with God’s permission, all the weather that will occur is preceded by cloudy clouds, ordinary clouds, and rain so that it becomes information for them about things that can be seen instead of unseen science.

Therefore, astronomers cannot say that it will rain next month or two months, because no one knows exactly when it will rain other than Allah SWT.

Concept Of God (Allah) In Islam And Other Religions

Woman’s womb, Known only by God

One of the things that no one but God can know is what happens in the womb. Before creation, for if there is creation, the angel will be given a duty in the affairs of the womb to know it.

Likewise, in the present, with ultrasonic rays (ultrasound) used by doctors to detect what is in the stomach of pregnant women, it can be known the sex of the baby conceived.

Other things in the hadith of the Prophet

In a hadith, the Prophet PBUH said: :

“The key to the unseen is five, no one knows it but Allah. No one knows what will happen tomorrow, no one knows what is in the womb, no one knows what he will do tomorrow, no one knows on earth where he will die, nor knows when the rain will come.”

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