These four Arab poets were friends of the Prophet

Rarely do they know that in addition to physical attacks, the Prophet and Islam are not infrequently subjected to slur and insults from the infidel Quraysh. Jahiliyah poets do not hesitate to compose poems vilifying Islam and the Prophet.

There are some friends who continue to defend him through his rhymes. They are often called poets of the Prophet.

For arabs in pre-Islamic times, a poet occupied a high dignity and was so glorified. He is a symbol, a self-esteem as well as a defender of a kabilah. In addition to appearing as a fighter and encouragement in the war fight. He also acts as a source of happiness and comfortment of grief through verses of poetry.

Historians also mention that an honor obtained by a kabilah is as feedback on the greatness of the poet he has. They recognize that poets were really high status in the pre-Islamic era.

Then, Islam came in the Arabian Peninsula with the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as the messenger. Here are four poets of the Prophet who fought alongside him. In fact, they played a big role in defending him from the reproach of the Quraysh.

Hasan bin Thabit (Poet and friend of the Prophet)

In the time of the Prophet there were famous poets. His name was Hasan bin Thabit bin al-Mundziri bin Haram al-Khazraji. The lineage comes from the Khazraj tribe, who migrated from Yemen to the Hijaz then settled in Medina.

When traced further, Hasan bin Thabit apparently still has a kinship with the Prophet Muhammad when his lineage was drawn to Bani al-Najjar, who was none other than the uncle of the Prophet’s mother.

Although Hassan bin Thabit did not fight with the sword in every war as the Muslims did against the infidels of Quraysh, he shrilled the guts of his enemies using satire and mockery. And it hurts more.

Hasan bin Thabit converted to Islam at the age of 60. He began to focus his attention on the Qur’an, Hadith and lafadz-lafadz’like. Since then the verses are stronger, literary and aspiring.

Ka’ab bin Malik

Ka’ab bin Malik is one of the companions of the Prophet who can be said to be extraordinary. Ka’ab is known as a friend who has a strong faith despite making mistakes for not participating in the Tabuk War.

The poet nicknamed Sha’ir al-Harb (poet of war) is full name Ka’ab bin Malik bin Amru bin al-Qin bin Ka’ab bin as-Sawad bin Ka’ab bin Salmah al-Anshari.

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Kaab bin Malik, in addition to being one of the prophet’s poets, he was also one of the narrators of hadith. Noted, the friend of the owner of abu Basyir’s call has narrated 30 pieces of hadith. He died at the age of 77 in the land of Sham.

Abdullah bin Rawahah (Poet and friend of the Prophet)

He was named Abu Muhammad Rawahah bin Tha’labah al-Ansory al-Khazraji. The strands of his verses became a shield from the tongue of the serpents of the pagans who insulted the Prophet.

Abdullah bin Rawahah has been writing poetry since the time of Jahiliyah. After converting to Islam, he devoted his watery ability to serve the glory of Islam. The Prophet loved and enjoyed his verses, and often encouraged him to be more diligent in making verses.

Abdullah bin Rawahah was the Prophet in many battles and wars, from the battle of Badr, to the khandak war and the hudaibiyah treaty.

In the end of the war that resulted in his death, the Prophet prayed for him, “May Allah bless Abdullah bin Rawahah”

Ka’ab bin Zuhair

Ka’ab bin Zuhair gained his expertise in squatting thanks to his father’s upbringing. He has a great brother named Bajir bin Zuhair.

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