Not just Muslims, This five animals also Fasting

Fasting is one of the worships of Muslims. Every Ramadan, for a month full of believers must refrain from hunger, thirst and lust. In addition to medical benefits, the main purpose of this worship is to be a pious person.

It turns out that not only Muslims are fasting. Some of the following animals also carry out similar activities. The ritual of holding back hunger and thirst is important to them.

Like humans, these animals also have a certain time to practice fasting. In fact, animals can concentrate very much in order to get what they want. So, what are the animals and what is the form of fasting?

Surely fasting that is carried out by animals with fasting among humans. Not wanting to fear or get rewarded, animals fast with a certain purpose, such as multiplying offspring, metamorphosing, and so on.

It is not performed during Ramadan, but at certain times that require these animals not to eat and drink.

1. Camels also fasting

This five animals also fasting
This five animals also fasting

The first animal to fast frequently was the Camel. This animal is famous for having a very remarkable endurance. Camels are able to survive in extreme conditions without eating and drinking. Their journey through the desert is not uncommon to make these desert animals do not find a source of food.

Luckily, camels have humps that reserve food on their hump. This part of the body stores about 40 kg of fat reserves that can be used at any time. No wonder camels are able to fast for up to eight days without eating and drinking.

The fat located in the hump is taken little by little until this animal can lose weight. If the hump is reduced, it means that the camel’s food supply has started to shrink.

2. Hens

This five animals also fasting
This five animals also fasting

It turns out that hens are also among the animals that fast frequently. This activity is carried out when the hen incubates her eggs. Even his fast reached three weeks. This is done to warm the body temperature, so that the eggs it inked can hatch perfectly. When moaning, chickens do not want to do other activities.

Because if impatient in the process, then the eggs will rot and the chicks that are anticipated will die. Only after hatching the hen will be more aggressive than usual. This hen is more aggressive and always teaches her offspring to forage.

3. Snakes also fasting

This five animals also fasting
This five animals also fasting

The third animal that fasts frequently is a snake. This is done when the snake manages to eat prey larger than itself. The goal is to keep the digestive process running stable. Because, the digestive process of these prey can take days. It can even take two to three weeks.

When fasting full, usually snakes will not do anything. Snakes will only hide and stand still. And that’s when snakes go through a biological process that we know about the process of changing skin. Fasting performed by snakes, aims to increase body temperature to some degree above normal in order to make new skin changes.

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Snakes will replace their old and dull skin, and turn into fresh, colorful, and beautiful skin. However, after the fasting period ends, and getting better skin, the snake that has not eaten in this long period of time, will appear more ferocious, and active in the search for prey.

4. Caterpillars also fasting


Another animal that likes to fast is caterpillars. This happens in the process of metamorphosis perfectly to deform into a butterfly. During this change, caterpillars fast for approximately 14 to 16 days. This is done for the sake of changing into a more beautiful shape that is a butterfly.

5. Slow loris

Slow loris
Slow loris

It turns out that slow lorises are also animals that often fast. This is done because the slow loris is a lazy animal and prefers to sleep all day without eating and drinking. This animal will only eat when its body is completely hungry. However, once he is full of his food, the slow loris will go back to sleep and fast again.


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