This is the man who claimed to be a prophet.

Musailamah al-Kazzab

Musailamah al-Kazzab lived during the time of Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him). In the 9th year of Hijri, he briefly converted to Islam, but later apostatized.

He was a man from Yamamah with the full name Musailamah bin Tsumamah bin Habib Al-Kazzab.

His confession as a prophet had moved the Islamic world, but in the end he was killed at the hands of Musailamah bin Harb during the caliphate of Abu Bakr As-Sadiq.

Al-Aswad al-‘Ansi

Similar to Musailamah al-Kazzab, Al-Aswad al-‘Ansi also lived during the leadership of the Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him).

Al-Aswad al-‘Ansi came from Yemen, converted to Islam but later apostatized. He was also a leader of the movement against the Muslims, and was eventually killed.

Sajah bint al-Haris at-Taglibiyyah

Sajah bint al-Haris at-Taglibiyyah is recorded in history once a wife of Musailamah al-Kazzab. She is a Christian woman.

Ţulaihah bint Khuwailid al-Asadi

He was a man who had converted to Islam on 9 Hijri with the kabilah bani Asad. Then he apostatized and claimed to be a prophet.

However, during abu Bakr’s time, he was defeated by Khalid bin Walid, then re-converted to Islam.

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Mukhtar bin Abi ‘Ubaid as-Saqafi

Mukhtar ibn Abi ‘Ubaid as-Saqafi lived during the tabi’in. He also claimed to have received a revelation.

Haris bin Sa’id al-Kazzab

He is known to have lived during the time of Abdul Malik bin Marwan. Haris bin Sa’id al-Kazzab also claimed to be a prophet and was eventually sentenced to death.

Then, in the history of Islam it is also recorded that during the Umayyad and Abbasid dynasties.

There are at least seven people who claim to be prophets, they are al-Mukhtar bin ‘Ubaid as-Saqafi, al-Haris bin Sa’id, Bayan bin Sam’an, al-Mugirah bin Sa’id, Abu Mansur al-Ujali, Abu al-Khattab al-Asadi and Ali bin al-Fadl.


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