This is the most Muslim-friendly city in Europe

Rotterdam can be called one of the few cities in Europe that is friendly to muslim residents and immigrants.

In this city, the percentage of Muslims reaches 40 percent of the total population. Rotterdam is the city with the largest Muslim immigrants in the Netherlands.

Another thing that shows how attached this city is to Islam is its mayor. Rotterdam is led by Ahmed Aboutaleb, a Dutch citizen of Moroccan descent who was rotterdam’s first Muslim mayor.

Unlike other cities in Europe, in this city we can find many places that support the activities and needs of Muslims, such as halal meat stalls, halal restaurants and centers of Islamic organizations.

In Rotterdam we can also easily find mosques scattered almost all over the city. One of the mosques in this city that is quite popular among European Muslims, namely Essalam Mosque. Essalam Mosque is famous not only for being the largest in the Netherlands, but also the largest mosque in Western Europe.

There are also many small mosques that at first glance look unlike mosques because the building is more like an apartment that blends with houses or offices.

Islam Morality to Non-Muslims

Most mosques in Rotterdam are run by citizens of Turkish, Moroccan, Pakistani, Somali, Bosnian and Indonesian descent. Uniquely, most of the mosques in Rotterdam were former non-Muslim places of worship that have now functioned as mosques as the number of Converts there increases.

This is the most 'Muslim-friendly' city in Europe.
This is the most ‘Muslim-friendly’ city in Europe.

Many Dutch people who came to this city to study Islam in depth until finally converted to Islam. In other words, the city of Rotterdam has an important role in the process of spreading Islam in Europe.

Based on data from the Central Bureau The Statistic in 2010, the growth of Muslims in the Netherlands increased rapidly, which is about 12 thousand people from the population of 15 million people.

The number of Dutch citizens who embrace Islam is considered fantastic because previously, as many as 40 percent of Dutch people claimed not to embrace any religion aka atheists.

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