this is the Prophet Friend’s Who Still Exists

In addition to having enemies, The Prophet also has many friends who always love and follow the teachings he brings.

These friends are even willing to fight with the Prophet (pbuh) and leave their pleasure in order to defend Islam.

Many of the companions died in jihad in order to spread Islam. However, there is one friend of the Prophet who is still alive today.

In fact he is thousands of years old. So that its existence became prophetic evidence of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

This friend lives alone without anyone accompanying him. In fact, he managed to survive in the ferocity of the Jordanian desert for thousands of years.

Curious who the Prophet’s friend is? Here’s more information.

Although the Prophet (pbuh) has died, there are traces of his remains that are still alive to this day. It is a tree that grows in the northern part of the Jordanian desert. This tree is referred to as sahabi or blessed tree.

Because this tree lives alone within a radius of hundreds of kilometers, without any other trees accompanying it.

He was able to survive in the fierce jordanian desert for 1400 years. And this tree is the prophetic evidence of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

In addition, this magical tree full of blessings is believed to be a witness to the meeting of a Christian monk named Bahira with the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

From various sources it is known that the Prophet (pbuh) sheltered under the tree endowed by Allah SWT twice.

First, when he was 12 years old while traveling with his uncle Abu Thalib. At that time a priest named Bahira saw an apostolic gesture on the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

In his story, Bahira saw a caravan of merchants from Mecca in which there was a boy who when he walked was always shaded by clouds.

So Bahira invited some of the swords to his residence to be entertained.

At that time all members of the party participated in the banquet, except for a boy who waited under the tree. Realizing this, Bahira told the boy to participate in the banquet.

When the merchants withdrew, Bahira told Abu Thalib to protect and immediately bring the child back to Mecca. For some Jews will seek the child to harm him.

Second, when the Prophet (pbuh) brought Khadija’s merchandise to Busra. At that time, the Prophet (pbuh) sheltered under this tree.

When the miracle happened, where the branches and branches of this tree seemed to move overshadowing him from the heat of the sun.

this is the Prophet Friend's Who Still Exists
this is the Prophet Friend’s Who Still Exists

And until now this tree is still alive, even it becomes the only tree that is still alive, upright, lush and lush in the middle of the desert named Al-Buqayawiyya.

The tree, which has been thousands of years old, is nicknamed “The Only Living Sahabi” which means the prophet’s surviving companions.

The surrounding community thinks that this tree is left alive by Allah SWT as a reminder, memories and evidence of the past history.

In addition, a number of scientists and scholars were asked to examine the area. And based on their observations, it is known that it is true that the old tree is mentioned in bahira records.

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But more research is still needed to ascertain its authenticity.

Even prince Ghazi mentioned that, “The Prophet (pbuh) sits under this tree.” So if in fact the tree is willing to duck its branches for the sake of the Prophet Muhammad.

of course this is evidence of his testimony against the apostleship of the Prophet SAW. “That’s why we call it sahabi in Arabic.”

Now the tree has been preserved and preserved by the local government. Even around him protected fence and his whereabouts are monitored regularly.

Anyone is allowed to touch and shelter under its ever-lush branches.

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