This is the Virtue of Reading Bismillah Before Eating

In fact Islam has arranged ethics of eating so that the activity of eating can be worth worship and rewarding. One of them is by reading the prayer of eating. But in reality not a few people forget it.

Moreover, when the stomach is really hungry, we often eat food immediately without praying first. In fact, it is strictly prohibited by the Prophet (pbuh).

However, in addition to reading the prayer of eating, the Prophet also encouraged his people to read Bismillah when going to eat food.

For one of the virtues is to prevent satan from eating with us. And not only that, because there are other virtues that will be obtained if reading Bismillah at the time of eating food.

So what are the virtues? Here’s the full explanation.

Healthy Food Mentioned in The Quran

When eating, satan turns out to have been after the food that is in front of us. And they will also eat the food if we do not read the prayer of eating or Bismillah. As the Prophet (pbuh) said,

“Satan will surely eat food that does not begin with reading bismillah before eating.” (HR. Muslim and Ahmad)

And not only can block satan, by reading Bismillah before eating it also has virtues among them

(Reading Bismillah) Make us full quickly and bring blessings


As narrated by Abu Daud from the grandfather of Wahsyi bin Harb’s father that the companions of the Prophet were told once said that they had eaten and did not feel full to the Prophet SAW.

And he said that they should eat together and pray first to Allah SWT and it can make them full.

(Reading Bismillah) Is the command of the Prophet SAW

As mentioned earlier that the Prophet (pbuh) encouraged his people to read Bismillah before eating, then use the right hand and eat what is in front of him first.

Food that was not recited by the previous prayer is also consumed by satan

In this case satan will assume that the food previously eaten without reading prayer is halal food for them.

And they will eat it without hindrance and with it.

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