Thousands of Chechen Muslim soldiers help Russia

Moslimdaily – There has been a video that has gone viral on social media that thousands of Chechen Muslim soldiers are chanting takbir to help Russia in the fight against Ukraine. Chechnya is an autonomous republic part of the Russian federation. It is located in southwestern Russia. Chechnya is predominantly Muslim.

The viral video originated from the official release of the army of elite Chechen troops when they declared themselves joining Russian forces to fight against Ukraine. The video was released some time after Russia decided to make a military invasion of Ukraine.

At least 12,000 Chechen military forces are on standby to assist President Vladimir Putin in the war.

To date, most chechen soldiers have been deployed to a number of Ukrainian cities. In fact, a video circulating on social media showed Chechen forces taking over one of the Ukrainian National Guard’s military headquarters in Gostomel.


In the video, a Chechen soldier climbs over a fence, then removes the Ukrainian flag and replaces it with a Russian flag.

Meanwhile, Russia continues to carry out psychological propaganda through its show of force of military combat equipment. Missile Ballistic Intercontinental or Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles that have been stored so far began to be alerted and made public.

The missile is known as a weapon with nuclear explosive power that can reach between countries, even intercontinental. According to experts, Russian ballistic missiles have enormous destructive power. If fired at Ukraine, the damage could be felt to neighboring countries.

Not until there, some analysts also expect the Russian and Ukrainian war involving NATO to potentially trigger a third world war.

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