7 Tips for Harmonious Family in Islam

How to make the household harmonious?

In Islam a harmonious family is a family that is sakinah, mawaddah, and rahmah. Or it can be interpreted as a peaceful, peaceful, and loving family.

This can be the basis of Muslimah Friends in marriage, in order to always get the pleasure of Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala.

As a Muslim, we should be able to model our example which is none other than the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Through him we can learn a lot about various aspects of life, one of which is the ark of the household.

The house of the Prophet and his wives in addition to being an inspiration towards a harmonious marriage, is also a sunnah that can help us reach the paradise of God.

Summarizing from various hadiths and sources, here are some teachings of the Prophet in running a harmonious household

1. Sleep one blanket

Sleep one blanket
Sleep one blanket

The first teaching of the Prophet was to sleep with a couple in one blanket. In addition to warming the body also makes the heart more peaceful.

It was narrated by Aisha Radhiyallahu ‘anha, when the Apostle was in a blanket with Aisha, suddenly Aisha rose. The Apostle then asked, “Why did you rise up?”

Aisha replied, “Because I am menstruating, O Messenger of Allaah. Then the Messenger of Allah said, “Then go and pray and be near me.” Aisha entered and wrapped up with him,” (HR Sa’id bin Manshur).

2. Eat and drink together

Eat and drink together
Eat and drink together

Furthermore, the prophet’s exemplary teaching is to enjoy a meal together. Don’t even hesitate to have a plate of two, and drink from the same glass.

From Aisha, said, “I used to eat porridge with the Prophet Shallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam.” (HR. Bukhari).

In another hadith narrated by the Muslim Imam, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) drank with the same glass and plate. Even eat meat on the traces of Aisha’s lick.

3. Kiss your wife often

Muslimah’s best friend how to establish the harmony of the next Messenger of Allah is to often kiss the wife. Not only kissed his face, but also his hands.

From Hafshah, the daughter of Umar Radhiyallahu ‘anhu, “Indeed the Prophet (pbuh) used to kiss his wife even though he was fasting.” (HR. Ahmad).

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4. Combing hair

Muslimah’s best friend, combing the hair may sound simple. However, combing the husband’s hair or vice versa is a romantic thing taught by the Prophet.

“He (the Messenger of Allaah) approached him (Aisha) and he was in his room, and he combed her, while she was menstruating.” (HR Muslim).

5. Helping with housework

The Prophet Muhammad in many histories is an independent person and does not trouble the wife. He did everything he could to relieve his wife’s duties.

She used to sew her own clothes, squeeze milk for her own breakfast, and fix her own slippers.

Aisha was asked, “What does the Messenger of Allah do with his wife at home?” Aisha replied, “He was busy helping his wife, and when the prayer time came he rushed to pray.” (HR. Bukhari).

6. Call the wife friendly

Muslimah friends, as a large woman will surely melt her heart when called friendly by a partner. So it is good for husbands to model the prophet’s stamp on this one.

The Prophet likes to call Sayyidah Aisha with a small call that is “Ya Aisy” or “Ya Uwaisy”. The Prophet also called Sayyidah Aisha with “Humaira” which means reddish white.

The call was an expression of the Prophet’s admiration for aisha’s blushing beauty.

7. Joke and play together

joke and playing together
joke and playing together

Joking and spending time together is an event to make each other happy. Laughing together will make the atmosphere of the house warmer and more comfortable.

From Zaid ibn Tsabit, he said of the Messenger of Allah, “He is a man who likes to joke with his wife.” (Narrated by Al-Bukhaari).

Aisha and Saudah once covered each other’s faces with food, and the Prophet laughed at his behavior. (HR Nasa’i)

Muslimah friend, that’s some teachings of the Prophet to maintain the harmony of the household. You can practice what the Prophet (pbuh) has taught you, your household will be filled with happiness and blessings. Aamiin.


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