Tomb of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

The History and Rules of His Pilgrimage

Muhammad’s tomb is the tomb of the Prophet and Apostle of Islam Muhammad, in the compound of the Prophet’s Mosque, Saudi Arabia. Before it was expanded, there was a tomb of Muhammad which used to be called Masqurah.

After the mosque was expanded, Muhammad’s tomb entered the mosque building with a green dome. There, there are four doors each named Pintu at-Taubah in its Qibla, the Door of ar-Raudhah in the west, the Door of Fatima in the east, and the Door of Tahajud in the north.

In addition, here there is also the tomb of Abu Bakr and Umar bin Khattab.The tomb of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was formerly called Maqsurah. After the mosque was expanded, this tomb was included in the mosque building.

According to his history, there have been several attempted thefts recorded in history :

1) during the time of al-Hakim bi Amrillah al-Ubaidiy, he wanted to attract the attention of the Egyptian people by bringing the body of Muhammad. However, his efforts failed because of the coming of the great wind to Medina.

2) during the reign of al-Ubaidiy in 408 Hijri. Al-Ubaidiy said that he was God. He told people to stay near the Prophet’s Mosque.

These men made a tunnel leading to Muhammad’s tomb. The attempt failed because there was a copying voice, “Your Prophet will be exhumed! Your prophet will be exhumed!” So the villagers immediately investigated and killed the messengers.

3) the Christians from Morocco used to want to dig this tomb. However, Nuruddin Zanki, previously, dreamed about the existence of these people.

The gravediggers managed to be tricked by the tactics of the commander Nuruddin by giving money when there were residents who managed to meet these two criminals.

Under a mat in the criminal’s house, a tunnel led to Muhammad’s tomb. After being beaten by residents, both admitted to failing because of severe shocks on earth.

Because of the evidence, both were killed. Then, because of this incident, the commander made a wall of thick tin around Muhammad’s tomb. This incident occurred in 1164 AD or 554 Hijri, recorded by Ali Hafidz, an Arab historian, in Fushul min Tarikh al-Madinah al-Munawwarah.

4) Christians once robbed a caravan of pilgrims. After robbing, they were determined to dig the tomb of Muhammad openly.

But a ship from Egypt was thwarted that followed him to Medina. These people were arrested and taken prisoner.

5) The fifth attempt was made with the plan to dig the tombs of Abu Bakr and Umar. It happened in the mid-seventh century Hijri. A number of people who reached 40 men wanted to dig graves at night. Then the earth split and swallowed them.

This was told by the servant of al-Haram an-Nabawy at the time. He was Shawwab, as-Shamsu al-Malthiy.

The tomb of the prophet Muhammad was previously outside the mosque area

During the time of Al Walid I Sulayman ibn Abdul Malik (715-717 ad) of the Umayah Dynasty the Tomb of the Prophet was entered into the mosque on the recommendation of his half-brother Umar ibn Abdul Aziz (later replacing Al Walid ibn Abdul Malik as Caliph Umar II)

The subject of the inclusion of the tomb of the prophet Muhammad is also explained by Imam Nawawi in the Muslim Syarh. It is said that at that time it needed to increase the area of the mosque because at that time the number of Muslims was increasing.

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The expansion was to include the houses of the prophet’s wives into the mosque which included Aisha’s room where there was the tomb of the Prophet and two of his companions, Abu Bakr and Umar ibn Khattab in it, so they built a high wall surrounding the tomb, so that the tomb was not visible in the mosque.

Time of pilgrimage to the tombs of the prophet and Raudhah

Tomb of Prophet Muhammad PBUH
Tomb of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

The Prophet’s Mosque is different from the Grand Mosque of Makkah which is open to worshipers for 24 hours, because the Prophet’s Mosque is only open at 03.00-22.00 Sudi Arabia Time, then the time for pilgrimage is arranged as follows:

1) Female pilgrims can visit Raudhah and pilgrimage to the tomb of the Prophet (peace be upon him) from 07:00 to 10:00 and 13:30 to 15:00 Saudi Arabia time

2) The place is separated from men who are bounded by a specially installed bulkhead when women make pilgrimages.

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