Tomb of Prophet Yusha’ bin Nun in Jordan

Jordan is famous for its historical and religious tourism. This country has many historical places for Muslims, including the tomb of the Prophet, including the tomb of Noah, Prophet Lut, Prophet Yahya and also the tomb of the Companions.

One of them is the tomb of Prophet Yusha’ bin Nun near the city of As-Salt and Zay National Park. Although his name is not mentioned directly in the Qur’an, it references it along with the story of Moses in Al-Maydah, Al-Kahfi and Al-Waqi’ah.


He played a very important role in history. He was a disciple and a disciple of Moses. Even after Moses died, Yusha’ led the Children of Israel to control the land of Palestine (Kana’an) and stormed the city of Jericho. He organized the sixteen tribes of Israel upon arrival in Canaana.

Ibn Ishaq said that The Prophet Yusha’ had led the Children of Israel to open the land around Palestine.

They arrived to fight in Ashar time, on Friday. So the Prophet Yusha’ pleaded with Allah to stop the sunset, so as not to enter Saturday.

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Because the conditions of that time are not justified to fight on Saturday, which is the time to worship. So God answered his prayer, they fought and achieved victory. This was one of God’s miracles to him.

The tomb of Prophet Yusha’ bin Nun is located northwest of salt city, Balqa province, about 25 km west of Amman.


It is located on top of a hill known to salt residents as Yusha Hill’ which is 1130 meters above sea level. The morning fog enveloped this hill and welcomed our arrival.

The mosque building, which is usually in each tomb, looks faint from a distance covered by fog. The mosque that is now magnificent standing was once an old mosque building that existed since ottoman times.

When entering the room where the grave, the tomb of Prophet Yusha’ will be very long.

This is because this tomb was built with a long size because the actual location of the tomb could not be determined next to where the exact location.

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