Tomb of the Prophet Shu’aib in Jordan

Jordan is a blessed country, in the south of the country lies the city of Makkah Al-Mukarramah, the oldest and holiest place of worship of Muslims on earth.

And also not far from Medina Al-Munawwaroh, where there is a Prophet’s Mosque and the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Jordan is indeed loaded with traces of the Prophet and the Companions.

Jordan is indeed the place where there are most tombs of the Prophet and companions, when compared to other places in the Arabian Peninsula.

In the diet of the prophet Syuaib there is also a magnificent mosque, namely the Mosque of Shu’aib. It is located in Balqa province, on the road to Aghwar Wustho, about 40 km from the capital Amman.

Prophet Syuaib who is the in-laws of Prophet Moses has the long name Syuaib Bin Mikil Bin Yaskhon, sent by Allah SWT to the residents of Madyan and Aikah bordering Palestine.


In his history it is mentioned that the Madyans are tenacious traders, but in carrying out their trades they are dishonest and cunning, when buying and selling transactions they like to reduce the size and scales.

The wheat that should have weighed 1 kg they reduced, and benefited from the deceptive way.

The Prophet Shu’aib had warned them, and was opposed by his people. The madyans’ greatest mistake was to keep God, threatening to expel the Prophet Shu’aib and the faithful. Finally, as punishment, God destroyed the Madyans with disaster.

First the Madyans were punished through the hot air that burned the bark, buildings and trees were not enough for them to take shelter.

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Then God brought a dark cloud, and the Madyans approached the cloud for shelter. They were crammed under the clouds.

When all the inhabitants had gathered together, God sent down lightning with his very loud voice upon them, and at that very moment God struck an earthquake, destroying all the Madyans who opposed Him. The Prophet Shu’aib and his faithful followers were saved.


The name of the Prophet Syuaib is mentioned 17 times in the Qur’an, namely in Surah Al-A’raf, Hud, As-Shu’ara’ and Al-Ankabut.

This tomb has been renovated and is located in one of the rooms in this large mosque. In the middle of the court there is a small dome that seems to be a place to take water (water fountain).

The tomb of Shu’aib alaihissalam was in a room with a high ceiling, and was covered by a dark-colored velvet cloth embroidered with gold thread.

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