Top 6 Islamic Museums in the World

Some countries in the world have museums with complete Islamic collections. These countries include Qatar, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Turkey.

In addition, there are also a number of countries that are not set in Muslim communities such as Australia and Canada that also have similar museums that collect historical objects relics of Islamic civilization.

1) Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar


Located in Doha, Qatar, this museum has many Islamic art artifacts that attract tourists. The Museum of Islamic Art is the first Islam museum in the Persian Gulf to have a large collection.

Since its opening in 2008, the museum has featured many collections from various parts of the world, such as Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, Central Asia, India, and Spain.

One of the best collections in the museum is a painting of Laila Majnun adapted from a classic love story by Nizami Ganjavi, a Persian poet.

2) Bayt Al Quran & Museum Istiqlal, Indonesia

Bayt Al Quran &Museum Istiqlal, Indonesia
Bayt Al Quran &Museum Istiqlal, Indonesia

This Islamic Museum in Indonesia is located in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Complex (TMII), Jakarta. The museum, which was inaugurated on April 20, 1997, houses a large collection of works by indonesian Muslim intellectuals and scholars.

As the name implies, Bayt Al Quran has a wide collection of Mushaf Al Quran such as Mushaf Istiqlal, Mushaf Sunda and Malaysia, and Mushaf Wonosobo which is very large.

While Istiqlal Museum stores art objects and various artifacts of Islamic civilization in the archipelago.

3) Islamic Art Museum, Malaysia


This unique architectural-style Islamic Museum is located on Jalan Lembah Perdana, Kuala Lumpur.

This 4-story museum houses a wide collection of islamic heritage objects such as weapons, armor, jewelry, textiles, coins, wood, ceramics, metal crafts, and manuscripts of the Quran.

The museum also houses cultural collections representing three major ethnic groups in Malaysia, namely Malay, Indian, and Chinese.

4) Topkapi Museum, Turkey

opkapi Museum, Turkey
opkapi Museum, Turkey

The museum, once a magnificent palace in Istanbul’s old town, has a magnificent vaulted room that houses important collections, such as the robes and swords of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

The robe is neatly placed in a gold box. In addition, in this museum there are also beards, footprints, and ancient letters belonging to the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

In this place is also stored one of the oldest manuscripts of the Quran in the world. All Islamic collections in Topkapi Museum are still well preserved to this day.

5) Islamic Museum of Australia, Australia


Australia is not a Muslim-majority country, but it has an amazing Islamic museum.

Even the Islamic Museum of Australia was awarded the Museum &Galleries National Award 2014 as one of the best museums in Australia.

The Museum, located in Victoria, was established in 2010 as a venue for performances of Australia’s Islamic heritage and history. The museum houses many historical artifacts and artworks.

There is also a wide collection of paintings, calligraphy, architecture, ceramics, glass and textiles from different parts of the world.

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6) Aga Khan Museum, Canada

Aga Khan Museum, Canada
Aga Khan Museum, Canada

The Aga Khan Museum is located in Toronto. It is touted as the grandest Islamic museum in North America.

The museum, built by a Muslim millionaire named Aga Khan, was inaugurated in 2014. The museum was designed by renowned architect Fumihiko Maki who has won international awards.

The museum is designed in a modern contemporary style where the outer walls use Brazilian granite. The museum has a magnificent exhibition space and is equipped with a 350-seat theater space.

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