Translated Quran, Bulgarian professor converts to Islam

A Bulgarian professor finally converted to Islam after he studied and translated the Qur’an into Bulgarian. Professor Named Prof. Dr. Svetan Teofanov was originally a person who opposed the Qur’an and did not believe at all in the contents of the Muslim holy book.

However, he gained guidance when he studied the Qur’an and translated it. He even said, “My journey against the Qur’an took too long but at the end of the road I have accepted Islam and I am now a Muslim.”

Prof. Dr. Svetan Teofanov has completed his specialization doctoral program at the Oxford Center for Islamic Studies as well as his second doctoral program at the Moscow Oriental Studies Institute.

Translated Quran, Bulgarian professor converts to Islam
Translated Quran, Bulgarian professor converts to Islam

He began to know Islam when he was asked to translate the Qur’an by a Bulgarian state-owned publication which at that time the Bulgarian state was still a socialist country.

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Shortly after the project began, there was a democratic transition in 1989 and the state publishing company went bankrupt. So the Bulgarian translation of the Qur’an was not published that year.

However, he continued to work in translating the Holy Qur’an until he finally decided to convert to Islam. He felt that his life had changed after getting to know the Qur’an further, and he felt that the holy book could calm his heart.

Teofanov, who now focuses on teaching Arabic at Sofia University, said the Koran had opened many doors for him.

“At first, I read the Qur’an as if it were an ordinary book. Over time, I began to understand the Qur’an with a deeper meaning than that written in the text.”

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