Unique Facts of The Quran

5 Unique Facts of The Quran

Quran is a holy book of Muslims, a fact that we certainly know. Reciting the Quran will bring a great reward, a fact that we also know together. We already know that the Quran is a miracle given by Allah to the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Even the Quran was revealed in Ramadan, we also know it. But as it turns out, there are still many other unique facts that we may not yet know about the Quran. Here are the unique facts of the Quran that we recite:

Uniqe Fact About Quran
Uniqe Fact About Quran

First, do you know that the Qur’an is often referred to as Al Furqan, At Tanzil, Adz Dzikr, and Al Kitab?

Allah has given noble attributes to the Qur’an, such as nur (light), hudan (guidance), mercy, syifa’ (medicine), mau’izhah (advice), ‘aziz (noble), mubarok (endowed), basyir (bearer of glad tidings), nadzir (bearer of bad news) and other attributes that show greatness and purity.

Second, do you know that some letters in the Qur’an have more than one name?

Call it surat At Taubah which is also called surat Baraa-ah, surat Al Israa’ which is also called the letter of the Children of Israel, faathir letter which is also called surat Al Malaaikah, and surah Al Insaan which is also called surat Ad-Dahr.

the letter above is an example of a letter of the Qur’an that has two names. Meanwhile, the letters Fushshilat and Al Mukmin have three names. The Letter of Fushshilat is also named as the letter of Haa and Miim As-Sajdah.

The letter of al-Mukmin is also called the letter of Ghafir and Ath Thaul. So you should not be confused because the names are intended to mention the same letter.

Third, do you know why surah At Taubah does not begin with the sentence basmallah?

This is because the letter of At Tawbah is a declaration of war that invites all Muslims to fight all the polytheists.

According to the mufassir (interpreters) the use of basmallah sentences is considered unsuitable at the beginning of this letter because the sentence breathes peace and love of God.

Fourth, do you know how many times the name of the Prophet (s), Prophet Jesus (a) and Moses (a) mentioned in the Qur’an?

The word Muhammad is mentioned 4 times, Jesus 25 times, and Moses 131 times. More prophet Jesus is mentioned in this Qur’an which is then used as a weapon by the Christians not to recognize the prophethood of Muhammad.

Whereas if the logic of thinking is reversed, it is a respect and recognition of Islam to the prophethood of Jesus.

Fifth, What about the word man and woman, life and death, the world and the hereafter, and angels and demons?

Each of these words is called balanced in the Qur’an. Words man (al rajul) and female (al mar’ah) are mentioned 24 times each,
the words life (al hayat) and death (al-death) are mentioned 145 times each.

The words of the world (al dunya) and the hereafter (al-Akhirah) are mentioned 115 times each, and the words angels (al angels) and satans (al syayateen) are mentioned 88 times each.

Sixth, The equal word in the Quran

Word moon (al shahru) is mentioned 12 times, equal to the number of months in 1 year. The word day (al yauum) is mentioned 365 times, equal to the number of days in 1 year.

Word ocean (al bahar) is mentioned 32 times and land (al barr) is mentioned 13 times so that when summed up to 45.

Try to divide the number of land and ocean words with a angkah 45 and each multiply 100% will be obtained the area of the ocean 71.11 % and land area 28.88 %.

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