What is the Actual Number of Quranic verses?

As it turns out, to this day still do not find the original source that says that the number of verses of the Quran is really 6,666 verses. What we found was a variety of opinions that said the number was less than that.

Scholars agree that the number of verses of the Quran is more than 6,200 verses. But what more verses are they, they still have a disagreement.

According to Medina Clerics 6,217

According to Nafi’ who is a Medina scholar, the exact number is 6,217 verses. While Syaibah who is also a Medina scholar, the exact number is 6214 verses. In contrast to Abu Ja’far’s opinion, although he was also a Medina scholar, he said that the exact number was 6,210 verses.

According to Ibn Katsir, the Makkah cleric said the number was 6,220 verses. Then ‘Ashim who is a cleric ofBashrah said that the number of verses of the Quran is., 205 verses.

Hamzah who is a Kufah scholar as narrated says that the number is 6,236 verses. And the opinion of Syrian scholars as narrated by Yahya Ibn al-Harits says that the number is 6,226 verses.

Number of Quranic Verses, Why Is It Different?

Actually, there is nothing different in the Quranic verses. All of the above opinions depart from the same verses of the Quran.

What is different is when counting the numbers and establishing whether a sentence cut becomes one verse or two verses. There are people who count two verses into one. And conversely there are also those who count one verse into two.

In fact, if you read all the Lafadz Quran, they are all the same and that too. Nothing is different. Why then is it different in determining whether one lafadz is one verse or two verses?

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The answer is that formerly the Messenger of Allah SAW. Sometimes narrated stop reading and take a breath. At that time the assumption arose in some that when the Prophet took a breath, that was where the verse stopped and ran out.

Others are of the view that the prophet SAW merely stopped taking a breath and had nothing to do with the cessation of a verse.

Number of Quranic Verses, Same as Mushaf

After all, the Prophet SAW at that time also did not explain why he took a breath and stopped. And it is also not explained whether the stop shows a fragment of the verse, or simply a breath because the verse is long.

This difference in counting the number of verses does not desecrate the Quran at all. The case is the same with the difference in the number of mushaf pages of the different versions of the printing house. There is a mushaf that is thin and contains a little page, but there is also a mushfah that is thick and contains many pages.

What distinguishes it is the font size, type and layout of the mushaf page. There is no stipulation from the Prophet SAW that the Quran must be printed with a certain number of pages.

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