Photo In Islam : What islam say about photography

photography is an English word that is ‘Photography’ which comes from the Greek ‘photos’ meaning light and ‘Grafo’ which means to paint or write.

So photography is the process of painting or writing using the medium of light.

In general, the definition of photography can be interpreted as a process or method of producing an image or photograph of an object by recording the reflection of light hitting the object on a light-sensitive medium.

Photo in Islamic view

Regarding the law of taking photo with the camera there is actually a ikhtilaf (cross-opinion) ‘ulama. Some forbid and declare haraam and some allow.

Among the scholars who think it is haraam to take photo with the camera because it is considered to paint is also the opinion of Shaykh Sholeh Al Fauzan –hafizhahullah-.

While some of the ‘scholars who allow among them are Shaykh Sa’ad Ash Syatsri. This opinion is because according to ‘contemporary scholars, photos from the camera do not produce new images that resemble god’s creation.

Forbidden images are when creating new images. But the camera image is a picture created by Allah SWT.

So this is not included in the picture that will be ordered to be blown the soul. Photo produced from the camera are mirrored. The scholars agreed that it is permissible to have the image in the mirror.

And the opinion that is more widely taken by the majority of ‘ulama and believed to be stronger is this second opinion.

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