Whatever Is Conducive to the Haram Is Itself Haram

Another Islamic principle is that if something is prohibited, anything which leads to it is likewise prohibited. By this means, Islam intends to block all avenues leading to what is haram.

For example, as Islam has prohibited sex outside marriage, it has also prohibited anything which leads to it or makes it attractive, such as seductive clothing, private meetings and casual mixing between men and women, the depiction of nudity, pornographic literature, obscene songs, and so on.

Accordingly, Muslim jurists have established the criterion that whatever conducive to or leads toward haram is itself haram. A similar principle is that the sin of the haram is not limited to the person engaged in it but extends to others who have supported him, materially or morally ; each is held accountable according to his share.

Halal and Haram is The Beauties of Islam

For example, in the case of intoxicating drinks, the Prophet (pbuh) cursed not only the one who drinks them but also the one who produces them, the one who serves them, the one to whom they are served, the one to whom the price is paid, etc. This point will be discussed later.

Again, in the matter of usury, the Prophet (pbuh) cursed the one who pays it, the one to whom it is paid, the one who writes the contract, and the one who acts as a witness thereto. Accordingly, we derive the rule that anything which assists in the doing of what is haram is itself haram, and anyone who helps another person to do it shares the sin.


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