Who is luqman Al-Hakim mentioned in the Quran?

You must be familiar with the name Luqman Al-Hakim. Yes, the name Luqman Allah immortalizes being one of the names of letters in the Quran. Who exactly is Luqman Al-Hakim? And why does his name Allah immortalize in the Quran?

Luqman Al-Hakim mentions the Quran in surah Luqman verses 12-19. He was best known for his counsels to his son. Ibn Katsir argued that Luqman’s long name was Luqman bin Unaqa’ bin Sadun.

As for the origin of Luqman, a number of scholars differ in opinion.

the opinion of Ibn ‘Abbas said: “Luqman was neither a prophet nor a king. He was just a black herder. Then God set him free. Allah is pleased with all the words, wills and wisdom that Luqman conveys. For this reason, Luqman’s story is told in the Quran so that we can all take wisdom and hold on to his wills.”

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Ibn Kathir said, the ‘clerics’ of the Salaf had a disagreement over who Luqman was. Is he a prophet or a servant without a prophetic degree? Between these two opinions, most of them hold on to the second opinion.’ Some narrate that Luqman was a servant of the Habsyis, his work as a carpenter, a sewer and a goat herder. When he met a man he spoke with wisdom. So that the man was amazed and then said, “Are you not a goat herder?”

He answered, “That’s right!”

Then the man asked again, “How can you express wise words?”

Luqman replied, “I got it by speaking right, keeping the mandate and not wanting to know other people’s affairs.”

Narrated from Abu Hurairah RA., he has said, ‘The Messenger of Allah SAW once said, “Do you all know who he is Luqman?” They also replied, “Allah and His Messenger alone know better.” Prophet said, “He is a Habsyi.”

The opinion that says he is a Habsyi, is that of lbnu Abbas.

As-Suhaili said,”Luqman is the Naubah of the inhabitants of Ielah ( A city by the red sea )” Likewise plucked by Qatadah, of Abdullah bin Az-Zubair: I have asked Jabir bin Abdullah, “What is the last story that reaches you about luqman’s self-matter?” Jabir replied, “He was a short man, his nose pug of Naubah descent.” also as mentioned from Sa’id bin AI Musayyab, he said, “Luqman is from Sudan, Egypt.”

Narrated by Imam Ahmad, from Mujahid: “He was a Qadhi among the children of Israel in the days of prophet David AS.”

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