Who’s the key holder of the Kaaba door?

The Kaaba is the oldest surviving building in the world. The role of the Ka’ba is of course very important for Muslims.

Even before Islam came, the Kaaba had been functioned as a place of worship as well as the economic center of the Arab nation. Since long ago until now, the Kabah is always crowded.

The shape of the Kaaba looks like a spacious room with one door. The door made of gold was always locked.

For 16 centuries before the arrival of Islam, descendants of Qusai bin Kilab bin Murrah were entrusted to guard and care for the key of the Ka’ba. At that time, Qusai served as Al Sadanah, the party responsible for the covering and key of the Ka’ba.

Fathu Makkah Events

During the fathu of Makkah (conquest of Mecca), the key of the Kaaba was held by Uthman ibn Talhah who was a member of the Banu Shaybah. This people were one of the descendants of Qusai.

In the event of Fathu Makkah, Ali ibn Abi Talib asked forcibly the key of the Kaaba to Uthman ibn Talhah. After the key was obtained, Abbas bin Abdul Muthalib asked the Prophet Muhammad SAW for the key to be cared for.

The Messenger of Allah did not grant it. Then, the Prophet handed back the key of the Kaaba to Uthman ibn Talhah and appointed bani Syaibah as the key keeper of the Ka’ba.

Bani Syaibah Key Holder of the Kaaba

From then until now, the key of the Ka’ba was cared for by the descendants of bani Syaibah. Their responsibility is Sudnah, meaning to take care of all parts of the Ka’ba including opening and closing them, cleaning and washing them, and taking care of the ka’ba kiswah.

The inside of the Ka’ba is washed twice a year, every 1st of Sha’ban and 15th of Muharram. After dawn prayers, the Ka’ba was washed using only zam-zam and rose water.

Currently, the person responsible for carrying the key of the Ka’ba is a sheikh from Bani Syaibah, Saleh Al Syaiba. He brought the key to the main door of the Ka’ba and the door of Taubah which is the access to the roof of the Ka’ba and Maqam Ibrahim.

Muslims Worship The Kaaba? This is the Fact!

Key Shape of the Kaaba

Key Shape of the Kaaba
Key Shape of the Kaaba

“The key to the door of the Kabah is very important in historical and religious terms. This key has its own storage bag made of green embroidery containing the inscription, ‘Because God told you to do your duty to the people’,” said historian and member of the Royal Syuro Council of Saudi Arabia, Dr Mohammed Al Zulfah, quoted from Alarabiya.

According to Al Zulfah, the key of the Ka’ba is made of 35 centimeters of metal. The key has changed many times over the centuries.

Today, the Kaaba locks and padlocks are made of nickel coated in 18 ct gold. Al Zulfah said there have been 48 ka’ba keys since the time of the Ottoman Empire currently housed in museums in Turkey and two replicas of keys made of pure gold stored in Saudi Arabia.

It is a key tradition of the Ka’ba to be kept by the oldest members of the descendants of the Children of Shaybah.


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