Why Ajwa Date Are Considered Special and Expensive

In the month of Ramadan, date sellers reap very sweet profits. This is because the fruit of the prophet will be much sought after throughout the fasting month, even until the eve of Eid al-Adha.

One of the great best-selling opportunities is ajwa dates. Compared to various other types of dates, it is said that this type of date often has a higher selling price.

The first date fruit was planted by Prophet Muhammad

Ajwa dates were first planted by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The name Ajwa itself has a history, where it is the name of the child of the person who contributed date land to the Islamic struggle, Salman Alfarisi. The man is also a convert and the name Ajwa was used by the Prophet as a form of respect for Salman’s services. Ajwa date palm is next to Quba Madinah Mosque.

First planted by the Prophet Muhammad, Ajwa Dates are located side by side with the Quba Mosque in Medina. That’s why then Ajwa Dates are more often called Prophet’s Dates. Ajwa is named after Salman Alfarisi’s son. Men converted to the land of dates for the struggle of Islam. Honoring Salman’s services, the Prophet also used his son’s name to refer to the dates.

Efficacy of dates according to Hadith

During this time, there are two hadiths that contain the specialty of Ajwa date fruit. Among them mention the benefits that prevent humans from interference and danger.

“Whoever consumes seven ajwa dates in the morning, on that day he will not be exposed to poison or magic.”

“Indeed, in ajwa dates that come from Aliyah in the direction of the city of Medina in the highlands near Nejet it contains an antidote or it is an antidote, and it is an antidote to poison when consumed in the morning.” (Muslim HR no. 2048 from Aisha)

Benefits Of Dates For Health

Ajwa dates themselves have a more tight, but soft taste. In addition, the sweet produced is not like most dates that are legit like caramel. One of the general properties of dates is to protect digestion and be the best source of energy when breaking the fast or sahur.

Therefore, dates are highly recommended to be consumed in Ramadan. But, not only that, Ajwa dates themselves are very liked and sought after by hajj pilgrims. Either consumed or become a souvenir. Because of the above privileges, the price of Ajwa dates also becomes higher compared to others.

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