Why Do Muslims Surrounding the Kaaba?

Muslims Surrounding the Kaaba? – Mecca is a historic holy city for Muslims. There is a temple that is filled with Muslims from all over the world every year to perform hajj and umrah.

One of the pillars of Hajj and Umrah is to perform tawaaf, which is the activity of circling the Kaaba seven times. For Muslims this is not something strange. But not for non-Muslims.

They think that Muslims worship the Ka’ba. Because the Ka’ba is a cube-shaped building and located in the middle of the haram. So they asked why we go around the Kaaba? And here’s the explanation.

In fact, the Ka’bah is the Qiblah. As mentioned in surah Al-Baqarah verse 144.

In Arabic, direction means Qibla. So the Kaaba only serves as a direction. This can be understood easily.

When Muslims pray from all over the world, some face north, east, south and west, but they are only facing one direction which is the Kaaba which is the qibla of Muslims.

Thus no Muslim has ever worshipped the Kaaba. Then when performing hajj and ‘Umrah, then we are obliged to perform tawaaf that is around the Kaaba.

Why Do Muslims Surrounding the Kaaba?
Why Do Muslims Surrounding the Kaaba?

Muslims Worship The Kaaba? This is the Fact!

So why do Muslims surround the Kaaba? The answer is because Allah SWT and model what is done by the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

But when asked the question “what is the logical reason?” then we can answer it as a reasonable person. Although not mentioned in the Qur’an and hadith, the answer that can be given is when circling the Kaaba automatically movement like a circle.

Each circle has only one midpoint, so by walking around the Ka’ba is to prove that there is only one god.

This is evidenced by the discovery of the results of studies conducted by Dr. Husain and his colleagues that when viewed from a geographical and geological angle, it is proven that Mecca is the center of the earth more precisely in the Kaaba.

Because Mecca is at exactly the exact latitude with a magnetic point at the north pole. And this condition is not owned by other cities in the world even the city of Greenwich which is designated as meridian zero also does not have this condition.

It is even said that Greenwich Mean Time became something that was forced to be considered as meridian zero in the British colonial period.

While if this scientific discovery that Mekka is the center of the earth is applied, then it will be easy to know the prayer time and end the long controversy about the reference of world time.

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