Why Is Hajar Aswad Always Guarded 24 Hours?

A guard always stands next to the Hajar Aswad, a stone installed in one corner of the Kabar building. The stone was never left unguarded.

According to the Saudi Gazette page, Monday, June 19, 2017, there are always 24 guards protecting the Hajar Aswad in a day. So, within a day overnight or 24 hours, there are 24 different guards.

They took turns guarding the stone believed to be from heaven. Each guard stood near the Hajar Aswad for about an hour. They’re focused on keeping an eye on whatever’s going on around him.

Guards standing near the Black Stone also warned other officers if they found pilgrims or visitors who fainted exhausted or overheated.

“The Keeper of the Hajar Aswad is assigned various jobs. He is tasked with keeping visitors safe and teaching them the right way to kiss the Hajar Aswad. He is also responsible for arranging the queue of pilgrims who want to smell the stone,” said Masjid Al Haram spokesman Major Sameh Al-Sulami.

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Hajar Aswad is a glorified stone. Most Muslims, especially those who perform hajj and umrah, try to kiss it, as exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

This black stone measures about 10 centimeters with a circle area of silver ribbon about 30 cm. The height of the ground floor of masjid al-Haram is about 1.5 meters. Black Stone was once broken into 8 parts with a small size.

Why Is Hajar Aswad Always Guarded 24 Hours?
Why Is Hajar Aswad Always Guarded 24 Hours?

This Is the Angel Who Brought The Hajar Aswad From Heaven to Earth

Black Stone is very familiar to Muslims. This stone that is now black becomes a part that is never missed when performing Umrah and Hajj.

Millions of people want to hold and kiss him, just like the Prophet once did. Not only based on the prophet’s words, research also revealed if this stone comes from outside the earth.

Prophet Muhammad SAW revealed, Hajar Aswad comes from heaven. Before the end of the day, this stone will be lifted by the Owner to its original place.

Hajar Aswad in High Resolution Photos

The Black Stone was sent down from heaven to earth during the life of Abraham and Ishmael. The messenger brought the stone to Ishmael, when the father and son built the Ka’ba. Who’s the real messenger?

It was explained by the Prophet (s) that the Black Stone was sent down from heaven by the messenger. As it turns out, the one who gets this noble task is the Angel Gabriel, the leader of the angel.

From Abdullah ibn Amru said, “The Angel Gabriel has brought the Hajar Aswad from heaven and placed it in the place you see today. You will remain in goodness as long as the Black Stone exists. Enjoy the stone as long as you can enjoy it. Because there will come a time when Gabriel comes back to bring the stone to its original place. (Narrated by al-Azraqy)

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