Why the Prophet Muhammad so loved of cats?

Have you ever heard of the Prophet who had a cat named Muezza? It is narrated in a narration that when the Prophet heard the sound of the adhan and was about to take his robe for prayer, he saw his cat named Muezza sleeping in the prophet’s robe.

Seeing that Muezza was sleeping the prophet did not wake him up, the Prophet instead cut off part of his robe and left Muezza still asleep. And when the Apostle returned home after prayer, Muezza awoke and bowed his head in front of the Prophet.

The Prophet then stroked the cat’s body gently as a form of affection for Muezza. This is proof that the Prophet is someone who has a heart and a gentle and compassionate attitude.

The Prophet loved his cat very much, even when he was preaching in his house, he was holding Muezza in his lap. He also used the water that Muezza had used to drink.

Because so unfortunately to cats, the Prophet once told his companions to love his pet cat like a family member. For whoever is rude to cats, the punishment is hell.

This threat is not nonsense, because the Prophet himself in bukhari shahih from Ibn Umar ra that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said,

“A woman is put into hell because a cat that she binds and does not feed is not even allowed to eat the little animals on the floor.” Bukhari]

In some hadiths the Prophet also asserted that the cat is not unclean, even allowed to ablution using the cat’s used drinking water because it is considered holy.

Even current scientific research proves that cats are the cleanest animals. There are several scientific facts that prove it, including:

Tongue Of The Most Sophisticated Cleaning Cat

Why the Prophet Muhammad so loved of cats?
Why the Prophet Muhammad so loved of cats?

The surface of a cat’s tongue is covered by various small pointed bumps, these crooked bumps pursed like misers or chainsaws. This form is very useful for cleansing the skin. When a cat drinks, not a single drop of liquid falls from its tongue.

While the cat’s own tongue is the most sophisticated cleaning tool, its rough surface can remove dead feathers and clean the remaining feathers on its body.

Cats Have Anti-Germ Skin

Various studies have been conducted on cats of different ages. The research was done by planting germs on special parts and then taken also special fluids on the walls in the mouth and tongue.

Then what’s the result? The results are staggering!

  • Results taken from the outer skin are negatively steamed, although done repeatedly.
  • The ratio of implanted germs gives a negative result of about 80% when viewed from the fluid taken from the mouth wall.
  • Fluid taken from the surface of the tongue also gives a negative result.
  • Once a germ is found during the research process, it enters a group of germs that are considered ordinary germs that develop on the human body in limited quantities such as enterobacter, streptococcus, and taphylococcus. Less and 50,000 growth.
  • No diverse groups of germs were found.
  • Various reliable sources and laboratory studies concluded that cats do not have germs and microbes. The saliva is clean and clean.

The Cat Mosque And The Story Of Abu Hurayrah

Even scientists and researchers say:

  • According to Dr. George Maqshud, head of the laboratory at Baitharah Animal Hospital, rarely found germs on the cat’s tongue.
  • If the germs are there, then the cat will get sick.
  • Dr. Gen Gustafsirl found that germs are most common in dogs,
  • Man 1/4 dog, cat 1/2 human.
  • Veterinarians at Damascus veterinary hospital, Sa’id Rafah confirmed that the cat has a cleaning device that is bemama lysozyme.
  • Cats do not like water because water is a very fertile place for bacterial growth, especially in puddles (mud, puddles, etc.)
  • Cats also greatly maintain the stability of their body warmth. It doesn’t wash much and isn’t close to the water.
  • The goal is that the bacteria don’t move to him. This is the factor in the absence of germs on the cat’s body.

And the results of medical research and experiments that have been conducted in animal laboratories, found that the cat’s body is clean as a whole. It’s cleaner than humans.

And there are many more scientific facts about cats. In addition, cats also have several privileges including:

Cat-licked food is sacred in sharia law

Water that has been licked by cats is sacred in sharia law.
Water that has been licked by cats is sacred in sharia law.

In a hadith from Kabsyah bint Ka’b bin Malik narrates that Abu Qatadah, Kabsyah’s in-laws, entered his house and poured water for ablution. At that moment, came a cat who wanted to drink. Then he poured water on the vessel until the cat drank.

Kabsyah said, “Look at it.” Abu Qatadah said, “Are you surprised?” He replied, “Yes.” Then Abu Qatadah said that the Prophet (peace be upon him) once said, “The cat is not unclean. He is an animal who likes to go around the house (home animals),” [At-Tirmidhi, An-Nasa’i, Abu Dawud, and Ibn Majah]

In another hadith narrated from Ali bin Al-Hasan, and Anas who narrated that the Prophet went to Bathhan an area in Medina. Then, he said,

“O Anas, pour ablution water for me into the vessel.” Then, Anas poured water. When it was finished, the Prophet headed for the vessel. However, a cat came and licked the vessel. Seeing that, the Prophet stopped until the cat stopped drinking and then ablution.

Asked about the incident, he replied, “O Anas, cats include household jewelry, they are not littered with anything, not even unclean.”

It is then narrated from Dawud bin Shalih At-Tammar and his mother who explained that his slave gave Aisha a bowl of porridge. However, when he reached Aisha’s house, Aisha was praying. Then he signaled to put it down. Unfortunately, after Aisha finished the prayer, she forgot there was porridge.

A cat came and ate a little porridge. When he saw the porridge eaten by the cat, Aisha then cleaned the part that the cat touched, and Aisha ate it.

The Prophet said, “He is not unclean. He’s an animal that goes around.” Aisha had seen the Prophet (peace be upon him) ablution from the rest of the lick of cats.” [H.R AlBaihaqi, Abd Al-Razzaq, and Al-Daruquthni].

This hadith is narrated by Malik, Ahmad, and other hadith imams. Therefore, cats are very clean animals both body, skin, tongue, even saliva. This is the reason why the Prophet was so dear to his cat, Muezza.

And whoever tortures a cat, he will be punished by hell. For that, let us love cats, do not torture them. For the Prophet said that there is a better human being than the Prophet? Of course not.

“Surely it is in the Messenger of Allah that is a good example for you.” [QS. Al-Ahzab verse 22]

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