Why the Quran wasn’t revealed in Persia or Rome?

For mufassir in general, the derivation of the Quran in the Arabian Peninsula and not other regions has a specific purpose and purpose. What would happen if the Quran was revealed in Persian territory, for example?

The selection of Arabic as a factor of divine revelation relates to its spread. If a person wants to convey a message to all corners of the face of the earth, then he should stand in the middle of a path that facilitates the message to spread.

Avoid places where there is a force that can hinder and/or feel aggrieved by its spread. Then, choose a messenger who is sympathetic, authoritative, and capable so that it becomes an attraction in itself.

The Middle East is the connecting route between East and West. Thus, it is only natural that this region becomes a place to convey the last Divine message and addressed to all human beings in all corners of the world.

Jerusalem Mentioned In The Quran

In the fifth and sixth centuries AD, there were two superpowers that existed at the time of the decline of the Quran. Namely the Persian empire whose people worshiped fire, and the Roman Empire which claimed to be Christian but cultured Emperor Nero who burned down his city and raped his own mother which still affects them.

When the two superpowers clashed, the Hijaz region in the Middle East had not been overrun. Attempts to control the Middle East were unsuccessful even though efforts had been subtly made by the Roman henchman, Usman bin Huwais, or through the means of violence as Abraha did.

Imagine what would happen if tawhid was proclaimed in Roman or Persian areas whose beliefs were contrary to tawhid. In Hijaz when it was not centralized power, each tribal group was hostile to each other and fighting for influence.

In Makkah, the center of the Hijaz, merchants and artists came to showcase their wares or works. There meets the caravans south and north, east and west. The inhabitants of Makkah also traveled winter and heat to the Roman and Persian regions. This factor will facilitate the spread of the teachings of the Quran and Islam.

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