Yusuf Al Qaradawi’s contribution to Islamic thought

This is The Contribution of Yusuf Al Qaradawi’s Thought to the Islamic World

Yusuf Al Qaradawi is known as contemporary scholars whose thinking has contributed greatly to the future of the Islamic world. The Egyptian-born cleric in 1926 is often attached to a moderate attitude. The reason is that most of his works put forward the principle of al Wasathiyah Al Islamiyah (Middle Islam).

As a scholar who has a high sensitivity to the Quran and Hadith, Al Qardawi has geniusly succeeded in capturing the spirit and spirit of the teachings of the two sources of Islamic law. His discernment in capturing the teachings of Islam helped him to be wise and wise. He also vigorously promoted a tolerant Islam.

Quoting yusuf Qardhawi’s book: The Revolution of Thought Through the Association of Sciences, Al Qardawi was very selective about various propaganda of Eastern and Western thought. Including the influence of the Muslim’s own thinking. Thus, it is known that he was never caught up in the dichotomy of Eastern and Western thought.

The dichotomous separation of knowledge, according to Al Qaradawi, actually hinders the progress of Muslims. does not understand partiality in the global framework. What he wanted was a renewal that remained under the auspices of Islam.

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Al Qardawi in his book asserts that the renewal of Islamic law does not mean ijtihad alone. This is because ijtihad is more emphasized on the field of thought and is scientific in nature. Meanwhile, renewal must include the field of thinking of mental attitudes and attitudes of action, namely science, faith, and charity.

To become an insightful and objective mujtahid cleric, Al Qardawi argued, scholars must read and study religious books more. This includes religious books written by non-Muslims, as well as reading the criticisms of opposing Islam. Not surprisingly, he is known as a cleric who is not tired of restoring the identity of Muslims through his writings.

Many scientific works have been produced by him, both in the form of books, articles, and research results that are widespread in the Islamic world. Not a few have also been translated into various languages. Among the monumental works are the books of Fatawa Mu’ashirah and Al Khashaish Al Ammah li Al Islam.

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