Zakir Naik: Meaning of Islam is still Misinterpreted

Islam is still Misinterpreted | Indian Muslim scholar Zakir Naik said there are still many people who misinterpret the meaning of Islamic religion, especially many who identify it as a religion of jihad and fundamentalism.

According to him, people who call Islam with both terms precisely because they do not know the true meaning.

“The meaning of Islamic word is from the word salam means religion of peace, but the perception related to Islam is still widely misinterpreted. Islam is widely identified as a religion of jihad and fundamentalism,” zakir said

In a public lecture themed “Religion As An Agent of Mercy and Peace”, Zakir said that after the september 11, 2001 attacks, Muslims in the United States were increasingly ostracized. The name Islam, he said, is inherent as a fundamentalist religion and jihad.

He said the image was also often glorified by the international media and often associated Islam as a fundamentalist religion. But they do not know the true meaning of the term.

“According to the Oxford dictionary, fundamentalists have the meaning of sticking to religious teachings, especially in understanding Islam. Anyone can be a fundamentalist Islam, but don’t go in the wrong direction,” he said.

He said, in addition to fundamentalists, until now there are still many who view the meaning of jihad badly. According to him jihad is not a war as often interpreted mainly by the international media. ”

Jihad from the word jahadah, which means to fight earnestly to try to be a good agent of Muslims,” he said.

According to him, jihad is not only done by Muslims, but can also be done by non-Muslims as long as they can mean it and fight to spread peace.

“It is all the duty of Muslims to discard perspectives related to Islam that are still misinterpreted,” Zakir said.

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To that end, he appealed to all Muslims to be good agents of Muslims for their religion and other religions. “Whoever spreads peace and follows the teachings of Islam well, that means he is an agent of Muslims,” Zakir said.

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