Zamzam Water Unique Facts

Every day we are recommended to drink mineral water at least two liters to meet the needs of body fluids. Compared to other water, especially those with taste and color, mineral water becomes the healthiest for the body.

However, it turns out that there are healthier, you know. Zamzam water is his name. Muslims must already know about this holy water. But, do you know seven unique facts about Zamzam water as below?


Unlimited of zamzam water
Unlimited of zamzam water

Usually the well as a source of water will be dry if taken continuously. However, this does not apply to zam-zam water which is said to be fully replenished within 11 minutes.

If studied scientifically, the depth of the well is about 30.5 meters. The main source is the rain that falls in the area of Mecca. In maintaining its water supply, the local government really neatly arranged the surrounding settlements.

To date, zamzam water discharge sucked out reaches 8,000 liters per second. No wonder, if zam-zam water is very easy to find there.

Free from bacteria and germs

A senior scientist from Saudi Arabia, Yahya Koshak, researches zam-zam water. As a result, the water is free of germs and bacteria, without having to be processed first. When highlighted by ultraviolet light, water samples in no way indicate the presence of bacteria.

The government is also trying to keep the wells sterile using modern technology. Zamzam Well Research Agency under SGS (Saudi Geological Survey) is tasked to:

  • Monitor, maintain, and keep these wells dry.
  • Keeping urban around Wadi Ibrahim, because it affects the filling of water.
  • Regulate the flow of water from the catchment area.
  • Maintain groundwater movement and maintain quality through control buildings.
  • Upgrade pumps and and fence tanks.
  • Optimize the supply and distribution of zamzam water.

Mineral content in zam-zam water

The mineral content in zamzam water is very rich. These include sodium, calcium, potassium, nitrates, ammonia, sulfur, and many others. In total there are about 2,000 milligrams of natural element content per liter.

German scientist Knut Pfeiffer also conducted similar research. As a result, minerals in zamzam water are able to increase energy at the cellular level and tissue systems of the body.

Zamzam water purity is very high

Zamzam water purity is very high
Zamzam water purity is very high

The results also proved that zamzam water has the highest level of purity compared to any water on earth. In fact, many scientists agree the quality is better than the water from the Alps.

The content of bicarbonate compounds in zamzam water is about 366 milligrams per liter. Meanwhile, the water from the Alps is about 357 milligrams per liter. Therefore, zamzam water is declared as the purest in the world.

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Zamzam water tastes bland or fresh

To the naked eye, the color of zamzam is the same as mineral water in general. It’s just that it tastes fresher, heavier, and a bit more watery than regular water. No smell is smelled and the volume is heavier than regular water.

Zamzam water is believed to cure various diseases

The specialty of zam-zam water is believed to cure various diseases. Its calcium and magnesium content is abundant, making this water plays an important role in improving the function of fluoride compounds in killing bacteria.

Zam-zam water is also considered to strengthen the uterus while pregnant, bone and dental health, blood circulation, maintain metabolism, and others.

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