Zulfikar’s Sword, Strongest Weapon Belong to Prophet

Of the many weapons used throughout the history of Islam, it seems that no one has beaten the popularity of the Zulfikar Sword belonging to the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Historically, Zulfikar’s sword was passed on to a friend who was also the nephew of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, namely, Ali Bin Abi Talib.

No wonder then came the famous saying that reads, “la fata illa Ali, la sayf illa Dzu I-Fiqar”.

لا فتى إلا علي لا سيف إلا ذو الفقار

“There is no young man but Ali, and no sword but Zulfiqar”

In fact, not a few people say that the power of the Zulfikar Sword is comparable to that of a thousand warriors. This sword shape is also known to have many versions. But of the many interpretations, the most popular form of Zulfikar’s Sword is as in the image below. The model is curved and double-tipped.

Many people agree that in the Zulfikar Sword there is a separation at the end so as to produce the shape of a double-edged sword. However, there are still many differences of opinion about the exact shape of the sword.

The origin of this sword is also known to be still gray. Many say that the Zulfikar Sword was the spoils of the Badr War won by the Muslims. At that time, the Prophet saw very much liked the shape of Zulfikar’s sword, he also carried the sword with him.

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The story continues when the Messenger of Allah decided to give the sword to Ali ibn Abi Talib in the Battle of Uhud. Thanks to the Zulfikar Sword, the condition of the Muslims who were in urgency was finally resolved. The victory was achieved by the Prophet Muhammad SAW and Ali bin Abi Talib who became the only companions left in the war.

This further convinced the Messenger of Allah SAW to give the Sword of Zulfikar to Ali. From then on, Ali always used the sword until death separated them.

Santer circulated news that, the nine sword collections of prophet Muhammad SAW, such as Azab, AL Battar, Al Hattaf, are now stored in the Topkapi Museum in Turkey and Egypt. But the whereabouts of the Zulfikar Sword were never found anywhere.

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